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Car hire charges could increase in Ireland By Philip Suter

I see in the " Irish Times" Motors feature on the 10th June that they are reporting on the state of the Irish car hire market. Apparently the total number of new cars that has been supplied to the car rental market has fallen by 70 per cent in 2009 compared to the same period in 2008.

In January to May 2008 there were 14,235 registrations whereas this year there were only 4,272. Tourist numbers are expected to be down this year and so car hire companies won’t need such a large stock. There are going to be a number of factors leading to increases in rental charges.

This includes the VRT allowance. (Vehicle Registration Tax) that can be claimed by the car rental company. There are many lower rates of VRT on the 09 fleets, but there is the prospect this could be scrapped in 2010 and the car renter will have to pay the difference on a daily rate. Some providers like Irish Car Rentals are selling off some of their fleet with a page of cars on their website. This is probably a regular occurrence and must obviously save dealers costs and make a second hand car better value.

Cars in the Republic of Ireland do tend to be a lot more expensive than in the UK


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