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Suters Limited - Suters Uxbridge Jubilee photos 1924-1949

These images were taken by Cecil H. Greville Ltd of 4 High Street Slough on behalf of Suters Ltd to celebrate the company's jubilee between 1924-1949. They would have been in 1949 showing the various departments and displays on the three sales floors at the Uxbridge store.

Suters Uxbridge in 1930's 1940's era

Hosiery Department Ground Floor

Haberdashery Department Ground Floor - 1924 GOOD SERVICE IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE 1949

Household Department Ground Floor

Fancy Goods Department Ground Floor

Dress Fabrics / Linens Department Ground Floor

Perfumery Department Ground Floor

Boys Department display, Upper Ground Floor (bus station entrance)

The bus station end entrance - (Bakers Yard) was at a higher level, meaning that part of the ground floor and first floor deparments were higher up than those on the larger High Street section. On the second floor the sales floor from High Street to rear was on the same level.

Wool Department Ground Floor

Mens Department display, Upper Ground Floor (bus station entrance) - Display located next to circular staircase to upper first floor that had a fitting room underneath. The staircase was removed in the 1960's to allow further floor space and escalators were added at the High Street entrance.


Ladies Shoes First Floor

Childrens Department First Floor front - curtains covering doors to balcony area looking onto High Street. Thick curtains would have been used in the war as part of the black out.

First Floor display by light well

First Floor Mantle Department display by light well

First Floor Sportswear display by light well

Ladies Underwear Department by light well First Floor

Millinery / Ladies Hats Department First Floor

Bedding Department Second Floor

China and Glass Department Second Floor

Soft Furnishiung Department Second Floor

Household Goods display Second Floor

Image source Tom Suter collection March 2020

Men and Boys Shoes Department See also Robina (Robin)Pitfield - Shoe buyer at Suters in Uxbridge

Boys Department

Mens Department

Jubilee Window Display

Image source Tony Suter collection 2005

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