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The Suters Ltd Department Stores - History from Ledbury to Slough and Uxbridge till 1978 index of pages

Welcome to the Suters Ltd history website charting the Suters retailing business from 1745 to 1978 and the family personalities involved in the business. Below you will find a full index of the history, articles, brochures, advertising material, photos and other information. In these articles a "Spotlight Magazine" image will often appear linking to information in the Suters House Journal. If you used to work or shop at Suters we would love to hear from you and share your experiences. Contact Us Here - In the meantime please find out more by following the pages listed below.

Index of pages

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Historical information listing

Suters - The early Years - Part One - Hatters in Retford and Drapers in Ledbury

Suters - The early Years - Part Two - A Ledbury Draper

History of Suters Ltd 1918-1928 Part One

History of Suters Ltd 1918-1928 Part Two

History of Suters Ltd 1929-1939 Part One

History of Suters Ltd 1929-1939 Part Two

History of Suters Ltd - 1940s

History of Suters Ltd - 1950s

History of Suters Ltd - 1960s

History of Suters Ltd - 1970s

Suters Limited - A brief History of the company and the people behind it

A-Z listing of features from historical pages, personalities, articles advertising, feedback and acknowledments

About the content of the Philip Suter website

Accounts for Customers - Leaflets here

Acknowledgments and Contributors to Suter Family and Suters Ltd History

Additional Suters photos and marketing from the 1950s onwards

Advertising from the Ledbury era till close of business in 1978 at Slough and Uxbridge

After the sale of Suters, what happened to various family members involved with the company?

After the sale of Suters, what happened to the Slough and Uxbridge Stores?

After the sale of Suters to Owen Owen in June 1978

Associated Independent Stores - AIS

An Approach to Renewal in Slough

Arthur Suter

Behind the Scenes at Suters of Slough and Uxbridge

Burglar Alarms

Carpets and Soft Furnishings

Caring for your clothes - Suters guide on looking after clothing

Clarence Suter


Communications Within the Stores

Computerised Monthly Accounting for Customers

Contract Furnishing Service at Suters

Czarina brand name at Suters

Delivery Service for Customers at Suters

Dick (Richard)Suter

Drama at Suters - making a movie at the Slough Store

Drama at Suters - Supercar and Stingray

Facts and Information from the Suters stores at Uxbridge and Slough

Feedback and Memories of Suters Ltd

Fire Detection Systems at Suters

Fisher and Denning Ltd

Frank Suter

Further Miscellaneous Facts and Information from the Suters era at Uxbridge and Slough

Growing up with Suters Ltd

Historical information about Slough, Uxbridge and Ledbury,The Home of Suters For Over Half a Century

Internal Photos of Suters in Slough and Uxbridge June 1978

John Suter

Lamson Paragon Tube System at Uxbridge and Slough

Marketing at Suters in the 1970s

Members of the Suter family involved in Suters Ltd (Opens as PDF)

Other Independent Department Stores from the 1970s

Owen Owen Trust

Pension Scheme

Power cuts at Suters in the 1970s

Removal and Storage Service at Suters

Sale of Suters to Owen Owen

Salôn Bruno Price Lists at Suters of Slough

Scandinavia at Suters 25th September - 18th October 1969

Shopfitting at Suters in Uxbridge

Shopping Arcades

Slough images in 2004

Staff Accommodation

Suters Ltd Department Stores website Press Release December 2015

Staff Clocking In and Out at Suters

Spotlight Staff Magazine at Suters

Spotlight on Suters article

Staff Restaurant Facilities

Suter Family chart from 1700s to 1946 (Opens as PDF)

Suters Department Stores - Price Tags, Invoices, Order Forms, Bags Plus

Suters Limited Staff Rule Book

Suters marketing brochures from the 1960s - Brochure Page 1 | Brochure Page 2 | Brochure Page 3 | Brochure Page 4 | Brochure Page 5 | Brochure Page 6 | Brochure Page 7 | Brochure Page 8 | Brochure Page 9 | Brochure Page 10

Suters of Slough Store Guide 1962

The Future of Suters Ltd 1968 a new management structure at Suters

The Independent Stores Association - ISA

The Tirol Restaurant at Suters of Slough Menus

Traffic Lights Boutique

Training Staff at Suters


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