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Suters family history and Suters Ltd history acknowledgements .....

Information on this website provided by:

Richard Ensor and Tom Suter with additional information from

(Listed in Alphabetical order)  

Stuart Ashby

Tony Bradford

Hilda Browne

Paul Carter

Wendy-Ann Ensor


James Fielding and the official website of the television producer, writer and director Gerry Anderson

Rosanne Goreham

Peter Gunter, Joan Piper, Dave Morgan and other members of the Can You Remember Old Shops And Places In Uxbridge - Facebook Public Group

Derek Haynes

Harvey Powell - Jacqueline Eaton - Traffic Lights Boutique at Suters

Hayes, Hillingdon and Uxbridge Past and Present Facebook group

Hereforshire History

The High Wycombe Society

Chris Mott - Sydney, Australia

Ken Pearce - Uxbridge Local History and Archives Society

Michael Pitfield - Robina (Robin)Pitfield - Shoe buyer at Suters in Uxbridge

Ledbury and District Society Trust Ltd


London Borough Hillingdon The Past in Pictures- Facebook Group

Jo Manuschka at the Old Ledbury Facebook Group


Constance Rainer

Ruislip Memories Facebook Group (Eve Acres) + Yvonne Butler

Slough 1970s Facebook group

Slough Library

Simon Nash - Rotary Club of Uxbridge, Middlesex

Slough Museum

Simon Nash - Rotary Club of Uxbridge, Middlesex

Old Ledbury in Pictures 1900's to the 1970's Website

A Glimpse of Old Ledbury - David Postle

Lynne Robinson

Karen Sloss - The Owen Owen Trust

Slough Council

Arthur Suter family archives

Dick Suter - archives

John and Bobbie Suter

Pascale Suter

Philip Suter - Suters archives

Robert Suter - archives

Russ Suter - archives

Su (Elizabeth) Suter

The British Newspaper Archive and local newspaper content supplied by contributors on this page

Tom Suter - archives

Tony Suter - archives

Suters Staff in the Spotlight Staff Magazine

Uxbridge Library

Plus former members of staff, their relatives and customers who have submitted feedback and comments - Thank you so much


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Source of images, unless otherwise stated - Suter family archives


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