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Spotlight - Suters House Journal

In the 1960s Suters introduced a house journal - Spotlight for members of staff past and present to contribute articles, jokes, recipes and the company could provide details of births, marriagges, deaths, news about company objectives, promotions, departmental figures, staff training courses and a great deal more.

This edition in the photo above covers the period till December 1974. We have copied some of these pages and included them in this website at appropriate locations as PDFs and also listed them on this page.

It was discovered in Robert Suter's archives in July 2018. You will see how formal contributors names are, with the first name hardly ever being used. As with many family businesses where several members of a family involved they were known as Mr David etc and the wives known as Mrs David etc. There were no pictures apart from cartoons as reproduction in that era was done on a "mimeo" type stencil duplicator / mimeograph machine.

As this is quite a thick volume it was not easy to scan, so the only way was to take a photo of the appropriate section and convert to a PDF. Click on the links below to go to PDF In many cases the articles have been re-typed and are marked accordingly.


Obituary of Vera Suter (wife of Frank Suter) who passed away on the 12th March 1969

(See also Frank Suter Page)

News From Salon Bruno 1968/ 69

Middle Management Training Course - January /February 1969

Ian Suter leaving Suter Ltd to Start Ian Suter Fashions in Marlow - June 1969

(See also After the sale of Suters, what happened to various family members involved with the company)

Traffic Lights Club Dinah Wortham

Traffic Light Boutique, Uxbridge - August 1969

ISA -Independent Stores Association Conference report by Tom Suter 1969 (it does not open as PDF but normal web page)

Meet the General - ISA Independent Stores Association July 1969

Battle of Britain Film and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang October 1969

April / May 1970 edition of Spotlight there was a two and half page article by E.L. Grove, Lift Attendant, Uxbridge - Spotlight on Suters. As it has been difficult to reproduce this via scanning because of the bound book it is has been copied on to separate page on this site and not as a PDF

Seen and Heard - Traffic Lights Boutique - January 1970

Name Town Centre and Win £25 - January 1970

Despatch and entertainment news

Irish Promotion - April 1970

(See special Tirol Restaurant Irish menu and ad from 1970)

50 Years of Suters Promotion - September 1970

Gold watch presentation to Mr Archie Taylor - September 1970

Thank you note from Mr Archie Taylor - October 1970

(See also Removal and Storage Service at Suters)

New exclusive ladies fashion department being created at Slough - October 1971

Obituary - Mr. F.W. Tomin - December 1971

The Late Mr Tomlin - December 1971

Obituary to Arthur Suter by Frank Suter Edition 31, March/April 1972

Obituary to Arthur Suter by Hilda Browne Edition 31, March/April 1972

(See also Arthur Suter Page)

I.S.A. Buying Trip, Knitwear Fair, Bologna, Italy February 1973

Out of Town - Uxbridge Staff Dinner & Dance January 1973

Comments from Uxbridge Store January / February 1973

Presentation Miss Hilda Browne - January 1973

Retirement of Mr Ron Buggins February 1973

Births and a wedding - 1974

Department Sales Figures November 1969

Thanks for Save The Children donation and scene from 1953 in the Household line department at Uxbridge

Appreciation from Polish Colleague

December 1969 Christmas Bonus

Dick (Richard) Suter returns to Suters - December 1968

Roberts Marine Mansion

Improvements to front of Uxbrisge store June 1971

Decimalising - going metric

Scandinavia at Suters 25th September - 18th October 1969

Scandinvian Observations after promotion 25th September - 18th October 1969 See also Scandinavia at Suters

Happy ocassions and Uxbridge coffe bar gossip

Dick (Richard) Suter wedding announcement to Ginny January 1971

Appreciation Mr R Buggins

Retirement of Mrs Berry

The Cottage Homes

Staff Training September 1970

Mrs Joan Bundy 25 years of service at Suters Ltd

Recipe from staff member


Late night shopping for Christmas 1970

Christmas 1970

Christmas 1972

Department figure increases August 1971

Several staff retirements


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Source of images, unless otherwise stated - Suter family archives


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