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About the content of the philipsuter.co.uk website

Back in 2008 I registered the domain name "philipsuter.co.uk" and set up a one page website. This mainly had a list of articles I had written, most of them accessed via a link to one of my insurance marketing or holiday home marketing websites. This remained like that until early December 2013.

I was in the south of France helping my two nieces pack up the contents of their parents' home. (Dick Suter and Ginny Suter) Very sadly they had passed away within weeks of each other in March and May 2013 following long battles against cancer.

Going through Dick Suter and Ginny Suter's possessions, I came across an album full of advertisements that my eldest brother Dick had produced back in the 1970s for the family department store business Suters Ltd.

I found more and more information including copies of Internationals in Belgium a magazine that both Ginny and Dick wrote numerous articles for. Some of these were in the magazine, others on computer discs.

There were also articles on motor racing that Dick had written and I remembered I had some original Autosport articles from the 1960s.

Seeing all the old Suters Ltd material, I realised that was little mention on line of the family business that had been so much part of Slough and Uxbridge for over fifty years And some of that time in Windsor, Ruislip and Ashford and prior to that with origins in Ledbury in Herefordshire.

I knew my brother in law Richard Ensor had spent months researching and writing the Suters family history in 2004 and 2005, but we had nothing on line.

My initial idea was to post a brief history on the Wikipedia site. I asked my cousin Tom Suter who had been involved with the family business for most of his "retail working life" to write a history through his eyes. Tom had already provided a great quantity of material to Richard, together with other family members including Tony Suter, Su Suter, George Suter and my late father John Suter.

Tom produced an excellent history that can be found here and I attempted submitting it to Wikipedia. It is not an easy process and it was too long, so in the end in December 2013 it was published on this site.

Articles by Dick and Ginny were added and Autosport gave consent for the articles to be published on this site with a note stating "that are reproduced with the kind permission of Autosport January 2nd 2014"

A great deal of Richard Ensor's detailled history has been added to the Suters story and additional documentation has been supplied by Charlotte at The Slough Museum and in December 2014 more information about Ledbury and the shop there from Jo at the Old Ledbury Facebook Group & Website.

Under the "Suters" history a number of former staff have made contact and details can be found at Feedback and Memories of Suters Ltd. There have also been contributions from the Slough 1970s Facebook Group.

In December 2014 Chris Mott from Sydney, Australia contacted me saying that "Would you like any further information on William Parker Suter and Jane Mousir who moved to Queensland, Australia during the 1880's, They were my Great-Great grandparents" Chris produced three further family tree spreadsheets that can be found here.

Also in December 2014 Lynne Robinson contacted me to say her a member of her family Charles Pedlingham a grocer at 4 High Street, Ledbury was the neighbour of my Grand father G W Suter the draper. More about this here.

Just before Christmas James Fielding contacted me. James works with Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry Anderson, who made Thunderbirds and all the other great puppets series in the 60's. He discovered the images of Supercar and Stingray on the site that I had taken in the 1960s when AP Films had loaned the puppets and models to the Slough branch. They used to be frequent visitors to the toy department in Slough buying model kits for the TV series. As the quality of the old slides were not too clear, in early January 2015 James very kindly scanned them. Go to images here.

After being involved with internet marketing since 2001, it is a great shame that the Suters Ltd project was never produced earlier as a lot more people could have contributed their own memories.

In fact had I not helped with the house sorting out exercise in December 2013, nothing would probably have been done about this website and I do hope you find the content interesting.

Dick and Ginny Suter wrote some excellent articles that were published when they were living in Belgium before the retired to France, but they were published in magazine form before the Internet took off.

I have also included information about my late cousin Su (Elizabeth) Suter as Ginny had some very interesting articles about her and going through the archives also found some brief information following the death of George Suter. As the names of my father John Suter came up up on numerous occasions not only with Suter, his World War 2 war service and the Rotary Club of Uxbridge he too has a page together with his brothers Arthur, Clarence and Frank..

In August 2016 Rosanne Goreham from Middlesex made contact. In fact her messahe nearly did not get through as changes jad been made by the website hosts and the old contact page was not working. Fortunately she found me via Facebook and sent a message and sent me a 1930's copy of Party Songs - a publication that was given to children at Christmas one year.

More information here

In the summer of 2018, my nephew Russ Suter discovered a bound copy of "Spotlight Magazine" at his Dad, Robert Suter's house. This was the in-house staff magazine / journal. Unfortunately it only had copies from 1969 to early 1974, but many of these articles, features have been included within the pages of the "Suters story" and a Spotlight Magazine page has been created here. They have been re-produced either by scanning and converting to a PDF or partly by being typed up again.

Russ has also unconvered many historical articles and Suters advertisements in 2018.

In September 2018 I found my old negatives of photos I had taken prior to the sale in 1978. Many of the ones on the site were scanned from photos I had developed back in 1978, so have been able to replace them with digitally processed ones. They are still not as good as people take these days, however a lot better. There was a theme on at Slough at the time with striped canopies over the sales areas.

In March 2020 my cousin Tom Suter provided me with a selection of photos including some of Coads in Uxbridge, the Uxbridge Store Jubilee 1924 - 1949 and photos of inside Slough in 1955 and the entrance to the Slough store in 1962 including his father Clarence. As well additional photos and newspaper cuttings and letters there were also 3 Historical bookkeeping ledgers from Suters 1922 - 1934

Internal Photos of Suters in Slough and Uxbridge June 1978 and Behind the Scenes at Suters of Slough and Uxbridge

If you have any hisorical pictures and other information from the era Suters were in Ledbury, Ashford (Middx), Windsor, Ruislip, Slough and Uxbridge that we can use I would be very grateful e-mail Contact here

Philip Suter - December 2014/September 2016/2018

Acknowledgments and Contributors to Suter Family and Suters Ltd History Here


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