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Feedback and Memories of Suters Ltd

If you have any memories of Suters in Slough, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Windsor, Asford (Middx) or of G W Suter Draper in Ledbury we would appreciate your stories. (Also when the business in Slough and Uxbridge became Owen Owen in 1978)

Did you work at Suters?

Did any of your family work there?

Did you to shop there?

We will publish full names unless requested not to do so and will include those on an open Facebook group or website, however on a Private Facebook group full names are not published.


On the 8th November 2023 Lynn Allison who is one of the administrators at the Slough 1970' Facebook Private group posted a picture of Suters in the High Street with this introduction "Who remembers Suters? So loved and miss this store to this day" and this generated a great deal of comments - It is a private group so full names below are not included.

Pamela H I did my hairdressing apprenticeship in the salon upstairs, 55 years ago omg. Cheryl J It had the first escalator , we went up n just to ride on it.Paul C - Mrs Pleace our Music teacher at Thomas Gray, fell down the escalator at Suters. Sue T Remember it well and when it was renamed Owen Owen.

Nagina T Yes I had a Saturday job there, I remember it well. Loved that place. Candice K D Great Department Store. I remember the cash shoot it was fascinating to watch. Lawrence H My Nan worked there in the accounts department, the other end of the air powered tubes they sent the money up in. Always had great after Christmas sales, I bought lots of Hornby bits with Christmas money. David P My Mum worked at Suters.

Dot S Loved that store. Sally C I remember. Digby J Yep, remember it well. I worked at Waitrose, just up the road, from early 72 to 74 as a Saturday job - Friday night late shopping and all day Saturday plus every school holiday. Waitrose had their own car park but then so did Suters until Slough Council scandalously put a compulsory purchase order on for a pittance in compensation.

Dave G My Brother was an apprentice carpenter for HD Bowyer in the early 60s and worked there, Chip Hawks from the Tremeloes worked there also. Lin S Remember it well my mum worked there. Mary K School ties, badges, airtex tops PE Blazers etc. All these things are a lot cheaper now. Viv B Loved it Sonia M Remember it well. Paul H Used to play tag in there after Saturday Morning Pictures at the Granada. Happy days. John R My wife Frances worked in the offices there back in the late 60s. Early 70s. Wayne L big toy department on the second floor!

John S I remember the chutes for the money, it amazed me as a kid. Bev S Don't remember it as Suters, but do remember Owen Owen. Carol C I work in their warehouse. near train station. Owen and Owen. Barbara M Looks better with original building

Colin K Proper shop creaky floorboards and old style escalators. Carol S M Certainly do. Graham H Always had Christmas trees on the outside all lit up that was when Slough high street was a lovely place to visit. Ian H I worked in the Toy Department on Saturdays from 1977 to 1979. Many happy memories of the time. Yvonne K A lovely family owned store.

Ann Marie M What a novelty the escalators were to us kids used to go there just to ride up and down them. Alan J I remember the sweet carousel. Lesley B Yes my aunty worked there. Mandy B-W My Mum worked in Suters. Shashi S I remember those days! look at Slough so sad. Robert B I worked next door Art Wallpapers in between M.S and Suters both were great shops.

Jennifer S Yeah I do remember Suters ,I used to work in Owen Owen upstairs in the clothing department. David P I fell down the escalator in Suters. Paul C Visiting Father Christmas at Suters was a big treat. You would go in a door and sit in a sleigh that stayed still but the walls moved to give the effect of a ride. You then got out and got a gift from Father Christmas.

Allan S Used to work in JH Dewhurst across the road. Good old days. Gillian R Bought these with my 1st months salary from Suters in 1971 Ray ÓB I worked there when it was called Owen &Owen. Penny E I worked in office there. David F Fantastic toy department there and there was Archers on High Street West. Dave A I used to work there, goods in dept. David R Lived in a grotty bedsit in the 70s and had a set of cutlery with 'Suters' stamped on the handles that I acquired from the cafe. Vincent R There's nothing left of Slough, it's been over run. Janice M Aw thank you @ my mum used to work on the counter just to the left in the 60s! Best cafe and santa.

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In December 2022, Stuart Ashby emailed Philip to say "Instead of going to Uni. from Southall Tech my dad knew Frank Suter and got me a job there for 6 months before I went to flying training in the RAF. My boss was Mr Plumtree who lived in the same road as Gerald Wilson (head choirboy at St. Andrews Church and head boy of The Greenway School), Manor Way. I was on the linen counter and sometimes helped on soft furnishing whose manager was John Thomas. The picture is of my leaving present from the girls on the ground floor in 1961."

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In August 2022 Derek Haynes made contact with Philip Suter and very kindly sent this from when his Aunt Hilda Haynes worked in the Uxbridge Suters in the 1950s See this page

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June 2022 - Slough 1970' Facebook Private group Philip Suter June 1 · Jubilee time in Slough High Street 1977 -Silver Jubilee and this week Diamond Jubilee - no signs of celebrations outside Factory Outlet or other remaining Slough shops and stores.

David W typical slough where every other town is covered in union flags and colour our town is its usual derelict empty depressing self.Abdul Q Well done i remember old days best Suter stores in Slough. David R Loved the escalators when I was a kid and the lifts that used a lift attendant! Back when Slough had everything!

Alison C I sat on Slough silver jubilee committee with Brent W, Karen H when George Booker was Mayor.. it was a real honor to do so.. Alison C it was lovely sitting in the square listening to the music and waving our flags. Ruth B I remember George Brooker holding my eldest daughter on the jubilee and having a photo of her with him in the press.

Meg S I worked in Suter's during my breaks from uni, mostly on women's fashions and lingerie but had a couple of stints in the toy department. One Christmas, we had a delivery of spinning tops and another assistant and I started them all spinning- the floor started them all spinning- the floor hummed! Brilliant. They had a good canteen too. …

Ruth M Suters was the best. I have happy memories of the great Toy department there. Avril W Memories of yester year - Jenda M Suters was soooooooo posh! Harinder M Brings back memories - Robert B great photos a little bit of Art Wallpapers I used to work there - Tracey B I think after Suters it became Owen & Owen then Allders.

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The same theme came up in "Can You Remember Old Places And Shops In Uxbridge And The Surrounding Areas -Public Facebook Group" with a number of comments about Suters in Uxbridge.

Philip Suter - Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977 at Uxbridge High Street http://sutersdepartmentstores.co.uk/ Unfortunately don't have any of the Diamond Jubilee in same area outside Sports Direct.

Linda Coenradi - I loved going there as a child. The toy department could keep me busy while mum shopped. I always came away with something for my dolls house. And those bits are still in the dolls house today In The care of the next generations. I had a Saturday job in the toy department in the 70's.

David Whittington - never realised Suters had a branch in Uxbridge as well as Slough. David Baber - A department store with proper window dressers Shirley Holman - I worked there on the switch board

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May 2022 - Ruislip Memories public Facebook Group - Philip Suter Does anyone have a photo of Wright and Parsons or Suters shop in the High Street from the 1950s? Would be great to fill in some details on http://www.philipsuter.co.uk/Suters_Ltd.htm#Ruislip - Eve Acres along by ..was altons 1970s ....2015 was sweeney bar .but closed next to closed blockbuster videos .....https://www.ruisliponline.com/sweeneys-ruislip-highstreet Eve Acres 101 of Suters Altons history ...now with Age Concern charity next door and Nationwide ..opposite Tesco Iceland MacDonalds etc ..guiness sold logo...

Eve Acres thanks st directory ..suters ruislip 101 105 high st .1962 ,,1973 onwards not at directory ..by 1978 gone ..but we do not know which shops took the space,,,, ...Altons..Suter .high st - Eve Acres 1953 ..there is a film of ruislip high st 1953. Eve Acres altons became at 101 ..high st Suters ...became the Bar 101...Altons were 01895 637766 See Suters in Ruislip, Windsor and Ashford (Middlesex)

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August 2021 - Slough 1970' Facebook Private group Just how l remember it in the 60s and 70s before it changed…. Anita S Remember it well. There used to be a cigarette kiosk inside the entrance to the left. Always bought dad a box of 50 B&H for his birthday. How times have changed

Ruth M I loved that shops toy department. Lots of happy memories there . Bena C I worked there as Saturday girl my first job in jewellery department loved Suters lovely memory won't find such store how sad Suzanne B Loved the toy department Andy T My mum used to work there back in the 60s. Remember the cash going in little tubs through pipes up to the cash room. Margaret P H I remember going to see Father Christmas there . They must have used some simple theatrical trick but as we were sitting in some kind of covered in sleigh,it really felt like we were going somewhere. I can't remember Santa himself, but that "journey".Lorraine M Oh my .. and look at the lovely prams we used to have … loved Suters … x Athar S I hated Suters. I always had to go there with mum dragging me. It was the most boring shop for a 9 year old boy in 1969.

Karen L B Omg remember me and my mate Sharon C used to go in there and try all the perfumes on, came out of there stinking like a brothel lol ?? and I also remember being bugged by a wasp bloody thing chased me all down the high street Sharon couldn't stop Philip J Bought our posh china there. Have a feeling china department was downstairs or left as you walked in. Twas a few years ago...... Jim T fabulous Santa's Grotto every year Sue T Loved Suters, it just wasn't the same when it became Owen Owen Lin A Worked there childrens Wear department in the 70's.

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January 2021 - Philip Suter received an email from Jerry V "just a quick email to ask if you know of a film made in the Slough branch of Suters , remember watching it as a small lad , its a out a newspaper reporter who sets the shop on fire to get the scoop on reporting the news , any idea what the fi, was called ???" Philip replied "Hi Jerry Very sorry cannot help, I think it was on a Sunday night and when I went to school next day someone was talking about it. I must have been 13/14. From memory the outside of building was used and they mentioned something like Suters store. I have just posted a message on SLOUGH 1970's Facebook page and if I get replies will let you know. "

Replies from the Slough 1970's Facebook Group - James F Could be this film? https://networkonair.com/all-products/1216-firechasers-the

Derek B The Firechasers, a bunch of us were trying to use Suters alley to go home and were stopped for a while, the star Chad Everett invited us into their trailer and we played guitar for him and he also sang and played a few also. On our way out he gave us a bottle of Jack Daniels and sllpped a £20 note to share. The film is on Talking Pictures roster and turns up occasionally. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Firechasers

Aaron B https://youtu.be/AP0s9lsPnWk I spotted Chalvey High Street in it too

Philip added "Ran through the The FireChasers - Complete Movie 1971 - YouTube and came across this near the end - Passageway between Milwards Shoes and Suters and Suters yellow and green canopy"

The film was made at Pinewood Studios like Carry on Camping which is at Iver Heath half way between Uxbridge and Slough. It was made a bit later than Philip originally thought though.

Philip heard from Jerry - "that is great , i'll looked it up and watch it tonight , thanks so much "

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December 2020 - Image posted by Doug Atkins of The Can You Remember Old Places And Shops In Uxbridge And The Surrounding Areas - Facebook Public Group - Some of the comments below

Jackie Edmiston My mum worked in the material and habberdashery dept all through the 70's. Her boss was Mr Boot, she never used his first name. They had massive cutting out tables and she would often help new sewers layout and cut out patterns. She was really happy there. They used to refer to the Suters brothers as Mr Michael but can't remember the name of the other brother. There was a Spanish lady in the department too her first name was Maria. The three of them worked together for years.

Diana Keen I remember Father Christmas and it was magical. Also the lift man.

Geoffrey Spalding Where you would put your feet into the Clarke x-ray machine to arrive at your shoe size. My father gave me a £5 note to buy a mecarno set, one birthday and bring back the change.

Jean Ralph The cash machine shoot in suters magic to a child .I remember buying wool and looking at knitting patterns just inside the entrance and realised my young son was no longer with me. I could hear him calling me and he was upstairs looking over the balcony I was scared his was going to fall over what a scare.

Gillian Currie I remember going to suters as a small girl to see Father Christmas magic sledge ride amazing to a little girl i loved growing up in Uxbridge.

Philip Catchpole Buckeldee and Taylor's was a good shop to. The present day library was a supermarket with a fantastic cafe upstairs. Burton's on the corner of Windsor Street.

David Fleming Just before they decided to build the news hut in brick, Suters put windows in where it had been wall on the side and that side door too

Cathie Strover Lovely shot I have such fond memories of Uxbridge Suters and Woolies next door

Elizabeth Roberts So many memories of when I was a child. I loved going to Suters at Christmas time

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December 2020 - Xmas at Suters, Slough in the 60’s - Philip Suter contacted by Pat P who emailed saying "Good morning. I hope I’m not being a pain. People think I must be imagining things but could you please tell me if Suters had an early day ‘simulator’ at Xmas in the 60’s? I’m pretty sure I remember two occasions where my sister and I were sitting in a gondola with scenery moving either side of us and another time in a stage coach. Please save my sanity x Every one loved your store x With kindest regards"

"Hello Pat Many thanks for your email. I recollect that they certainly did.

I know that they had these every year in the 1950s at Uxbridge as this was part of my Christmas treat being driven up to London to see the Christmas lights in Regent Street, Oxford Street and back down the A40. Then there was that trip to Uxbridge to take what seemed like a long walk up to the simulator / ride which could have been a boat for example or as you say a stage coach then leaving it and meeting Father Christmas.

From memory as the Slough store was being rebuilt there was one there and there was more room for the approach walk. I think it must have been for a couple of years or so. Unfortunately no photos kept. There must have been a different theme each year. Thanks so much for making contact, With kind regards, Philip"

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. It was very much appreciated. Please stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas. Kindest regards, Pat

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August 2020 - Michael Pitfield emailed Philp Suter about his mother Robina (Robin) Pitfield who was the buyer for shoes at Uxbridge for twenty years years - Michael agreed to produce a background to her work at Uxbridge. A page has been created with the help of Michael at Robina (Ronon) Pitfield - Shoe buyer at Suters in Uxbridge See Robina (Robin) Pitfield Shoe buyer at Suters Uxbridge

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In March 2020 the following was posted in "CAN YOU REMEMBER OLD SHOPS AND PLACES IN UXBRIDGE public group" My cousin Tom has lent me a photo album of Suters Ltd - Jubilee celebrations with lots of internal photos taken in 1949. I remember these interiors as a child growing up in the 1950s. I have put them at Suters Ltd Jubilee 1924 - 1949

Linda Burman .I used to love Suters. What a shame it's no longer in Uxbridge

Lynn Phillips Wonderful, thanks for that

Judith Lark Yes indeed, brilliant.

Janet Milburn I remember in Uxbridge there was always a member of staff operating the lift which had a small chair in a corner

Linda Abbott I always went with Mum to buy new fabrics for summer frocks!

Philip Rogers Great collection of photos, brings back so many happy memories -many thanks!

Graham Fletcher What a great part of our history this is. I would encourage all Suters shoppers to read this it's brilliant....

John Bennett Im free

Peter Gibson I have a video of the Suters sleigh ride to see Santa, but unfortunately it's locked inside my head. Great memory!

Julie Kinchin, Auntie might like these

Barbara Hewitt I loved the photos I was able the show my daughter the haberdashery dept where I worked in 1965. I also worked for a short time on the shoe dept. I was very happy working in Suters

Clive Fletcher It was a great place! I remember turning my ankle coming down the stairscase!

Patricia Handley Had a Saturday job there in the sixties, loved the whole place, always thought about it whenever 8 watched "are you being served" Remember the lanson tubes for bills and money?

Susan Smith Loved Suter's when I was a kid in the 60s & late 60s early 70s The Traffic Lights Boutique

Maureen Morton I used to work there as a Saturday girl in the mid 60s. Classy store.

Carol McAulay I once been gloves there, I felt very posh

Philip Suter Another classic going back to around 1929! Still working through a few more including William Coads (later became Suters) so will post in due course

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In December 2019 Karen Robinson of the Slough 1970' Facebook Private group published this photo of "Christmas at Suters". Just after Christmas Debenhams was holding its closing down sale.

David W...... From the golden era of slough high street when it was a joy to visit look at it now.

Judith W...... my big brother worked there

Dorothy L-C.... Really did love this store.

Victoria K... Used to visit santas grotto in the 70s

Andrew F.... I live in near Slough & i don't go there unless i have to. I'd much rather go to high Wycombe.

Lesley S... I worked there great place to work

Adrian H... Where was this? Alison O.... Debenhams

Alison O.... looks like a proper department store

Alison O.... That's when Slough was good for shops

Paul C.... Best store in town. Went downhill once Owen and Owen took it over.

Gill A.... Highlight of the festive season looking at the shops

Sharon L..... Brings back good memories , not the high street we grew up with anymore sadly

Paul C.... I worked in Suters on a Saturday, very Happy memories.

Moira S... OMG Karen, never thought I would see this pic again, great memories of shopping in there, thanks for the great pic

Janet P..... Loved seeing Santa Clause there, really special

Clare S-G...... Always exciting to see Santa at his grotto. Good times!

Dawn B..... Paul M.... share with Mum she would love to see this xx

Kim S....... Used to love Suters at Christmas x I thought we had gone for miles in the make belief train ride to Santa x

Anne P....... My Mother would take me to see Father Christmas there! Magical. Xxx

Geraldine T......... Those were the good old day's Christmas inside was out of this world a spectacular display for children going.to see Father Christmas

Norah L..... remember it well

Eileen M....... Remember it well. Fond memories of how it was growing up in Slough.

Joan E...... It was the Harrods of Slough! Anyone else remember the sleigh ride to see Santa? Loved it. Totally magical. And that sweet carousel!!!!! Merry Christmas fellow Suters lovers! Xxxx

Julie S...... Used to enjoy going into Slough

Louise L..... Brings me back lovely memories of going in there with my Mum when I was a child .....would love if she was still here to share these memories with her

Alison C...... money shoots and not tills . only talking about this store the other day.

Paul C..... Those money shoots were brilliant.. Who remembers the name of the Security man? I had a Saturday job there in 1976/77ish.. He was ex Police & such a lovely man.

Terry B.... AEG advertised washing machines on National TV for sale at Suters - great flagship store - they pronounced it as Sutters of Slough to sound posh.

Brenda S...... I loved Suiters!

Rob S..... Hans S..... memories for you mate

Terry B.... Xmas shopping at one hit - smellies for the wife first floor, togs for everyone second floor and toys for the kids/myself top floor !

Terry B.... Great shop in it's day and a s a kid and teenager love to go to Slough but now it's .

Jay L..... Worked there on Saturdays met Moira Mullaney there. She was Santas elf. Freda Loeding I loved going there too.

Dawn L..... Darby Mum would remember this!!

Michael B...... What a great shop that was.

Helen Mc...... Best shop ever loved the sweet carousel

Philip J...... I might have been working next door in Milwards. Great shop Suters.

Mark W.... What ever happened the sweet carousel????? The big wheel of the confectionary world!!! Lol!!!

Eric R..... Well well well ..... I used to be in there all the time doing things I should not have been doing....... lol lol lol

Susan B H...... All gone now different world we live in.

Dave S.... When Slough was a real town

Shashi S..... Those were the days

Phil B..... My brother used to work in Art Wallpapers which was next to it,Suters was like a slightly up market

Sarah L. Mc.... Blimey that's brought back some memories!!

Trisha P..... Wish it still looked like that x

Susan L...... Loved that store. Brings back a lot of happy memories as a child.

Tracy R....... Loved this shop

Jacqueline P..... Those were the days

Richie E...... My Mum worked on the dress fabric counter

David W..... I worked in carpet department in 1977

Nichola C..... Oh the sweet carousel, used to drag my Mum in there every week! Simple happy days.

Mandy B.... My Mum worked at Suters

Martin H... I would go there and buy my Subuteo teams. Happy days

Philip Suter Must have been over 40 years ago. What happens next to Debenhams in 2020 and Slough's shopping centre?

Pat R.... Philip Suter Debenhams are in the middle of their closing down sale!

Lynnette S..... My brother worked there early 70's I worked next door in Milwards, brilliant times.

Susan P.... I worked there late 70's

Robertjoseph J.... I work in the shop on the left side of of Suters as you look at this photo in a shop called Art Wallpapers in the 70's

Gillian R....... My first job in 1971 I worked in a solicitors office on Windsor road...I saw a pair of over knee black suede boots in Suters and soooooo wanted them...went in every week until I had saved up enough money to buy them as they were really quite expensive...but omg I loved them

Asghar K..... I loved Suters as they sold odd number waist Levis Jeans .xpensive

New posting of that Suters Christmas Photo and BHS

Moira S...... I loved Suters, great going up & down by escalators, think it was first shop 2 av them, so many choices, from clothes, beauty items, household everything even a beauty parlour & BHS was great for lunch & very reasonably priced.

Phil M..... My Mum worked in the staff canteen at Suters...late 50's early 60's....I used to walk from Langley to Slough with my three children in the pram every Friday in the late 60's early 70's, we always had lunch at British Home Stores. Happy memories x

Ron A..... Worked at suters in the 60s as a carpet fitter in the workshop at the back of the shop in the old car park.

Margaret T...... Happiest working days of my life

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On the 21 June 2019 the above image was posted by Eddie Chenneour "CAN YOU REMEMBER OLD SHOPS AND PLACES IN UXBRIDGE public group"

Comments came in as follows:

Pat Webb Loved that store. My husband and I took our 2 kids there to see Father Christmas in 60s We all went on a sleigh ride to see him.

Diana Perry I worked there for a short while. Sandra Edwards Also F W Woolworths was next door

Sue King Fitch I worked there on every department in 1976

Marion Mayger loved watching the money shutes whizzin around as a kid

Debbie Cittern Ah, it was there they had the money chute system? I couldn't remember if it was Suters or Randalls! That was very fascinating to me as a child when shopping with my mum!

Marilyn Walsh-Connolly School uniform shopping loved the toy department my love of dolls houses stemmed from Suters

Shirley Holman I worked there 1962/4 on The switchboard and general office work the switchboard and general office work

Janet Covacic Loved suters, we used to go there on a sleigh ride to see father christmas - magical. Years later I bought a small black vase for 50p, cleaned it and found out it was silver. It was used on top of our wedding cake filled with flowers.

Jane Hastings Used to see Santa there as a kid with my Sister

Pamela Bickham Donley I loved Suters. That's where I always bought my tights. I was in there often seeing as we lived...

Mike Bunn I think I had my pic taken with Santa there when I was a kid, wish I still had the pictures

Ellen Kelly Loved that store also when Owen & Owen took it over bought a lot of household items there and beds We used to get our shoes there for school

Philip Stillman Our mum used to make curtains for Suters back in the 60s

Barbara Hewitt I worked on the habadashery dept

Janet Littlewood Barbara Hewitt, I had a Saturday job on the counter opposite selling ribbons, handkerchiefs, belts, fur collars etc. about 1963/64. My mum Peggy Moody also worked there.

Barbara Hewitt Janet Littlewood I was there 1955

Chris Lancaster GREAT SHOP .

Velma Poulton Me and my friend had Saturday jobs there my maiden name was walter

Lynne Douglas Richardson Loved the coffee shop in later years, also remember as a child visiting Father Christmas there, used to spend most Saturday afternoons in there with my mum.

Hazel Brown Loved his shop as a child I danced there they had a weird little competition it was in the paper. Thanks for this picture shoes Father Christmas and the magic tubes that used to send the money

Linda Mwale Had a Saturday job in Childrens Shoes.

Sue Langston-jones My first job working on the wool counter loved the money machine

Paul Berry My mother worked in Suters...must be 70+ years ago...i worked in the toy dept. As a Saturday job in the early Dawn Deans Remember it well, Shame it's not there now

Kevin Floyd Loved the old lift

Carolyn Brice Kevin Floyd sometimes they wouldn't let children in the lift, so would run up the stairs...ohhh to be able to do that all again now...happy days

Eileen Carr My goodness, a blast from the past! I worked there in my last term at school, taking letter in shorthand and typing them back. A big pile in four hours at one shilling an hour!

Carol Wotherspoon Who remembers having their feet X-rayed as a child as part of a shoe fitting?

Catherine Wilkinson yes loved this shop, days when shop owners had a say on who run the town, costomer got treated so well ,and you never trouble with what you bought, first class service, from a carpet, furniture to a cup of tea, those were good times.thank you staff for looking after us,

Shirley Holman yes there was one in a smaller shop Ruislip and for a while Windsor and Ashford. I think John sanders is still there

Philip Edwards NO. Suters became Owen Owen, which became JJB Sports, which became Sports Direect. Debenhams is in the Chimes/Intu


On the 26 April 2019 Debenhams announced that the company was closing 22 stores in 2020 including the former Suters of Slough premises in High Street Slough. Philip Suter posted a message on the SLOUGH 1970's Facebook page -"Debenhams to close 22 stores including Slough next year". There were lots of responses from The "Closed Group Facebook page".

S W I worked in that building when it was Owen Owen

P R I remember all 3 occupants: Suters, Owen Owen and Debenhams. Sad to see it close as there will be nowhere to shop!

C C I started at Owen Owen in 1980

S W / J S I worked up stairs on the top floor assistant floor manager alongside Irene Wallis

D A / S W I worked with Irene Wallis too . I worked for fogarty/ colorall concussions then worked for Owen Owen

G A Gosh another one gone. Famous faces shopped in there in all decades it was Suters

J S / S W late 80s early 90s I worked in haberdashery, fashion accessories, baby wear than ladies fashions

E B Only went in Suters.

W S - to Philip Suter Are you related to Suters the Department store that was? Hope you don't mind me asking? Went up and down those escalators a few hundred times for sure ? a long long time ago of course

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In March 2019 Philip Suter received an email from Andrew Wyatt. Andrew was trying to find out more information about his Grandfather's cousin Percy Ghinn. He came acroos a letter in the Suters Spotlight Staff Magazine Contribution from retired member of staff Percy Ghinn to Spotlight magazine about Household line department at Uxbridge in 1953 - Andrew explained that his family had a similar smaller scale, business, started by my Gt Grandfather William Joseph Lack (image below right), and run by my Grandfather Charles Lack, in Thornton Heath Surrey. My Grandfathers cousin was Percy Ghinn, who I see on your website; appeared to work for Suters, before 1953. This is new to me, but great to see a quote from him in your families 'Spotlight' magazine. I knew he worked for a big store after having his own shop in Potters Bar High Street in the 1930s/ 40s. What he did for Suters I would love to know...do you know anything more please? I attach a photo of his own drapers shop at 62 High Street. This was I am told taken in the 1920s. Ghinns also had the woolshops across London and Kent up to the 1970s

Left wedding of Percy Ghinn (images do not enlarge)

Philip contacted his cousin Tom Suter, as he was working at Suters in Slough around the same time, but unfortunately did not remenber Percy Ghinn at Uxbridge as he would not often go to the Uxbridge branch.

"Dear Andrew Unfortunately cannot be of much help with your research. I emailed my cousin Tom who has replied "Philip, Apart from remembering that there was someone of that name at Uxb. I do not recall any thing about him . I was general manager .at sl. after herbert Worsfolds retirement so only went to Uxb after 1956 ,sorry I can,t help . regards Tom" It is a great shame I did not get the information on the web a few years earlier as there might have been a few more people about to ask. I am sure my late father John would have remembered, however he passed away over 20 years ago. It was only by chance my nephew found the Spotlight House Journal magazines at his Dad's house and from what I understand these must have been sent to former members of staff as it looks like a few sent in contributions. Kind regards Philip"

Hi Philip Ok many thanks. Yes I just caught my Great Aunt before she died, to find out about my own family big store Lack Bros. Her name was Phyllis Lack, cousin to Percy Ghinn, she may have had something to do with Suters ? too, she was a house model just before the war when she joined the WRAF. I think these big Drapers business's had staff / families moving within them, and knew each other quite well.

Andrew then forwarded on these website links Lack Brothers - Wikipedia and Lack Bros Drapery Store - Can you help ? If you have more information Contact us by e-mail here and we will pass it onto Andrew.

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In September 2018 Philip Suter went into Slough and into Debenhams. The Lower Ground foor, ground and first floors were still being used as sales area, but the escalator to second floor was blocked and the staircase behind the lift had a sign up advising staff only. Two posts were pit on the Slough 70's Facebook page showing photos taken (these are shown here) "Went in Debenhams today, now over 40 years since last worked in that building in June 1978. I know there are a lot of problems in the retail world now but does anyone know when the second floor closed?"

A few replies N V I worked in the China dept (lower ground) in 1977/8. It was a Saturday job and really loved it and Suters in slough was the best department store. I worked in the perfumery dept in 1978

T J I just loved Suters, I also loved Littlewoods, Isaacs, Ashley Russell, Boots, C & A, Superdrug, Waitrose & British Home Stores

G C The restaurant closed at least 5 years ago as well as the toilets. Derek Rawlins Has not had second floor for at least 6 months or more

Second post "The trees look good in Slough High Street, even if the shops are closing, however Boots and W H Smith still there. BHS empty and Marks and Spencer. Hope Debenhams does not close Slough branch?"

M P Suters used to have a photographic dept also . My 2 girls had some great Piccies taken there when small . Such a great department store . Although Debenhams is ok doesn't have the same feel as Suters did !

M H My favourite shop used to be Suters! Especially the toy department. I think Tesco did the most damage to the High street, especially because of the free parking and being open 24 hrs

S P M&S closing was regrettable, but looking at that forlorn pic of the one-time Owen-Owen escalator, I'm truly gutted. It's probably because on one hand, it was always my youthful short-cut between Queensmere and the high street. But on the other, there were just so many points of interest scattered throughout it's floors, especially back in the late 70's and early 80's. Whoever set it all up really knew how to plan a store. Or maybe it's just that the kind of stuff they all sold back then was more interesting.

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September 2018 Can you remember old shops and places in Uxbridge Facebook Public Group. Some of the comments below - names left as it is a public group.

Gill Godfrey Yes remember them in Suters and Randalls - Philip Suter They went up through tubes to one cash office that was "home" to the Lamson tube system. I don't recollect them not being in tubes run by compressed air. Many supermarkets have these near the till these days to off load cas securely. Maggie Brayne Suters worked there. Julie Spoard loved watching those shoot up a pipe as a kid. Jennifer Lenton Suters, Daniels and many others too. Patrica Sewell Suters and Randalls had them. Joan Piper Yes Suters & many other stores used them & when Tesco Big stores were started they also had a system for emptying their Tills when there was too much cash in them But I helped in Suters cash dept & it was a great system.

Sandra Skinner Loved going into Suters - especially upstairs the bedding department and then at Christmas visiting Father Christmas ha ha xx. Julie Spoard I remember the ride to see santa on his sleigh at christmas awsome memories. Sylvia Styring-Hill I used to work in Suters in the early 70s, I was always scared of the system but it really did save any problems with change counting. Michael Mansfield Then there was the amazing Christmas ride. It took me ages to work out the thing we sat in didn't move it was the scenery that did. Such innocent and exciting times. Colin Edwicker Sanderson Fabrics had them

John Byrne I believe both Suters and Randalls in uxbridge had them,but they worked on a vacuum system,remember seeing them , late 50s/early 60s. Nick Dean Lamson tube system. We used them at Sanderson to carry documents and orders from office to warehouse.Colin Rogers Sep 7 Yes. Owen Owen had them for a while when they took over. I worked there for a bit and remember it changing to electronic tills if you please!

This topic continued into December 2018 when Shirley Holman said I used to sometimes work in the room where the tubes went to, opening taking out money and sending the change and receipt back down and Thelma Muckley Yes I remember them not in Suters but a store in West Ealing i was fascinated by them

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March 2018 - Tom Suter showed Philip a flyer of the old 1930's Uxbridge removal service - This was then posted up on the Facebook CAN YOU REMEMBER OLD SHOPS AND PLACES IN UXBRIDGE Public Group and produced several memories -(As this is an open group names are quoted) Peter Gunter I was a removal man for Suters in 68. We had 2 vans that were parked behind the police station.

Joan Piper Did you know Archie from Hayes End ?? He worked at Uxbridge as a removal man for many years.

Peter Gunter Could it have been Archie that l worked with in the 60s. He must have been in his 60s then. Lovely man. (Archie Taylor)

Joan Piper Yes he was he lived near me in Hayes End he was in Hayes End Drive & I was in Blacklands Drive later I remember he went to live with his Son in Australia as his wife had died .He was only very slim but strong & told me he are nettles as his greens & always made nettle soup.

Peter Gunter Ive just read the link regarding the removals. I remember Archie telling me about the tricky move to the island in the Thames. One move l recall was Raymond Baxter who moved to Denham. Both vans were needed. He gave us all £1 10s each. Very nice man. One odd fact l recall was the vans both ran on petrol.

Yes he was a very strong man and much smaller than me. He was always happy which made the work easier. We had another chap that worked with us for a short period. Patrick from Ryefield Ave. Hilingdon.

Peter Gunter I had very little to do with inside the shop. We had work every day. Some work we took on was via Bestaways. But do recall it was akways the work they didn't want to do. My dear old dad was macebearer when mayor Suter was in office. I think he was Fred Suter. (Arthur Suter)

Joan Piper There was a nice man in the furniture dept I remember he had been a prisoner in Japan was rather thin tall I can't think of his name Philip's Reply Can't remember his first name, but I too remember him, Mr Neville who lived in the Chalfonts.

Joan Piper I worked in Payroll & Mr Frank Mr John I got know quite well & then of course the sons gradually took over. Mr George did come in occasionally.

Jerry Brindley My nan worked for Suters (& Owen Owen) in the ladies clothing dept for many years...mainly at Slough

Patricia Handley I had a Saturday job at Suters in Uxbridge in mid- 60s ... Lamson tubes, staff canteen, a sedate, old-worldly atmosphere ....

William Harris My mum worked for Suters in Uxbridge, during the war and lived in one of the Suters flats, near Slough station when they were first married. She used to 'fire watch' off the Uxbridge Suters roof.

William Harris I remember my parents being friends with a chap called Jim Read, who I think was a floor manager at Slough Suters. (Cyril Read)

Dave Morgan Does anyone remember Mr Plumtree who was buyer/manager of the linen department on the ground floor in the 1950's/60's, I think he came originally from Lancashire or Mr Collet who was his assistant manager? I worked at the Uxbridge store from 1965 until 1970 approx.Philip's reply Hi Dave, I do as a child, working in the linen department at Uxbridge on the ground floor. I thought it was on Suters Ltd site but not, have photo above left.(now on History of Suters Ltd - 1950s) Dave Morgan That's brilliant Philip.....just as I remember him. Thank you.

Joan Piper Yes I worked for him while waiting to go in payroll as it was Sales time I wrote out his tickets for lots of his sheets & tea cloths also knew Mr Collet.

Joan Piper I was there Xmas1960 helping in the Toy dept Mr Frank asked me as I was a Mother of two young boys I would know what to advise other parents what to buy ,I loved it but of course later my main job was a Pay clerk but I did empty the Tils some evenings & worked in the cash office when they got bust on the Lamson.

Dave Morgan I started working at Suters at christmas time in the toy dept then moved to linens for the January sale, spent a lot of time in the basement repricing stock in the basement....then moved to soft furnishing dept for next 3 -4 years...Mr Burnell was buyer/manager there.

Janet Littlewood wondering if you would have known my Mum, Peggy Moody, she would have been on the ribbon counter in the early 60's but later went on to work in the office.

Sheila Pearce 10:18am Mar 9 Oh golly, one of the Suters! Loved the store in Uxbridge, right from a tiny child, best Father Christmas visits ever. Remember the dangerous X ray machine in the shoe department, through which you could view the bones of your feet inside your shoes! Also the extraordinary money tube vacuum arrangement for paying when you bought something. Money would be put in a tube and shoot off somewhere, and then shoot back again. Magic!

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16th May 2017 - Philip Suter had an email from Karen Sloss the Trust Manager of Owen Owen Trust. Oween Owen was the company that bought Suters Ltd in 1978 and ran it for the next 18 years. "I have been reading your page with interest. I am the manager of the Owen Owen Charitable Trust, a charity based in Liverpool that supports ex staff of the Owen Owen Group. We have beneficiaries in Slough and Uxbridge, but not as many as we would like, and i am sure there are more people out there who could benefit from our grants and support.

We are looking to promote ourselves in the area. Over the last 3 years we have held reunions and get-togethers all over the country, but never in the south east, as we were never quite sure where we should target ourselves. Can you help? Are you aware of any groups, forums or informal gatherings of ex staff, where we can promote the Trust? Basically, the Trust offers regular and one off grants to ex staff with service over 2 years who fulfil our financial criteria."

We exchanged a couple more emails and have created The Owen Owen Trust page with information supplied by Karen and details of the Facebook page for The owen Owen Trust

Below is feedback from Facebook group pages.

Slough 1970s Facebook group - May 2017

Trisha P... Loved this shop worked there for a short time in the late 60s

Steve B.... My Mother-in-law worked there for some years, Trisha, as a Charnos rep

Amrit O'..... Worked there in the Beauty Room in 1975 for 3 years .

Julie T..... Both my parents worked there.....Mum in the Mac dept & Dad in the Café

Moira S...... Our Mum Ann H.......worked in Owen and Owen for years selling jewellery

Lesley-Jean F....... I loved Suters before it changed hands but it is wonderful to see Owen and Owens family trust wishes to help former employees.

Eileen O....... I worked there on a Satarday in 1975 Fantastic Suters loved the sweet wheel by the lift

Caroline C...... I worked there from 1980-1984...in Haberdashery and China and Glass

Delia C...... Worked there from 1976 through to 1988, did my retail distinction at Windsor college thanks to Suters, managed several departments under Owen Owen, met my husband there and my all time best friend Susan P....r. The training I had and experiences set me up for life. Enjoyed every minute working there and would turn the clock back if I could. Happy days and fond memories, remember the Lamson system?

Sheryl W... I worked in Owen Owen Slough for about 2 years 1984-86. I worked in China and glass menswear and toys. Remember a manager called Mrs jaggard, Mr goodchild, and remember a Christmas theme " the store that believes in Santa Claus"

Caroline C.... I have a badge that says that

Gloria L...... I had been face timing my sister in Canada only the other day about the shops we used when we lived in Slough I said I loved Suters she couldn't remember it but she loved Owen & Owens which I can't remember.

Sylvia S.... I worked at Suters in Uxbridge as a Saturday girl and during school holidays in 1972/73, the lamson system scared the living daylights out of me but I soon got used to it and I even learned to operate the lift .... it wasn't automatic, you had to manually stop it at the floor and then warn customers to mind the step up or down!

Rob P......... was the lamson system all those tubes that the money went through and your change and receipt came back?

Sylvia S.... Yes! whizzed all over the shop and up to the accounts department!

Steve B..... British Airways had a massive version of it in their cargo operation at LHR, where it sent the Air Waybills, etc., around the cargo facility in much larger tubes.

Rob P......... I was always mesmerised by that as a kid.I also remember the tannoy system where they would call someone's name (employee obviously) followed by a number,was that a phone extension? There was someone called Mr Robert and my mum told me that they were watching to make sure I was being good

Sylvia S.... Mr Robert and Mr Michael used to "walk the floor" just keeping an eye on everything, the Suters equivalent of Mr Peacock in Are You Being Served!

Rob P......... so when they called their name followed by a number,what was the number?

Lorraine W........ Over the tannoy we would call a name and extension number for them to call.

Sylvia S.... I think that was the department number? I remember working in Gloves & Handbags one Easter holiday and having to look continually busy ...... such a quiet department!!

Tracey ........ Handbags was Hever a quite department always things to do

Sylvia S.... Yes, tidy the gloves. And then tidy the gloves again. Oh, and again

Cherian....... i used to love this shop i was always in there on Saturday mornings

Dave ........ I did quite well there, starting in bedding and toys and then became asst manager on menswear,until we had a new manager on menswear who made it clear from day 1 that he didn't like me. In an effort to make me quit he had me moved to ladieswear but Mrs Jaggard encouraged me to stick it out and eventually I ended up back where I started before leaving to become a carpenter. Mostly a really good experience though.

Sharon .......... I worked in Owen Owen firstly on the ground floor then moved to the top floor as assistant floor manager to Irene Wallis, had a great time.

Caroline C.... Remember Irene Wallis..she was in beds at one point wasn't she?

Sharon .......... Well I never caught her sleeping on the job lol. Yes top floor, beds bedding ,carpets, bathroom lighting, curtains and toys. We had a lot up there.

Martin S..... Started as the lift boy part time then worked in goods in for a while, whilst at collage.

Tracey ........ I worked at Owen Owen under Mrs j started on ahead of hair menswear haberdashery fashion accessories then all other departments around store

Susan P...... This is a blast from the past Delia and I started at Suters on the same day back in 1976 names that come mind are- Mrs Drury -whaty Mr Cullen - Mrs jarrard happy days

Lisa P.......... I got my ears pierced in Owen Owen

Lorraine W........ I worked up in Owen Owen general office and switchboard early 80's. Great crowd and ended up house sharing with a few of them. Bonus of also meeting my hubby there.

Elizabeth C........ Personally don't like Debenhams

Anita ......... I modelled there cloths did a fashion show in Fulcrum

Gloria H....... Clearing the cupboard under the stairs today, & found a carrier bag with a receipt in it for Allders dated 31st. Dec.00 think it must have been Allders for a while before Debenhams. Am I right?

Tracey F..... Yes it was owen Owen then Allders

Philip Suter You would have been right. Looks likeit was Owen Owen till around 1996 then Alders, but not sure how long they owned it before it became Debenhams

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Hayes, Hillingdon and Uxbridge Past and Present Facebook group May 2017

Tasha B.......... I worked there but I'm not over 60

Terry R....... theres an Owen Owen store in Coventry during second world war. has brass plague on it commemorating death of fireman. apparently he was on high ladder directing water through roof when ladder either caught fire or it snapped and he fell through roof into fire.

Lisa D....... My late mum - Joan Parkes worked there in Suters which became Owen Owen in Uxbridge . This was in the late 70's early 80's I think .She worked in the haberdashery dept .I remember watching the money in the tubes go around the store !

Janet G........ I liked Owen Owen we bought our first vacuum cleaner there when we were new in the area. Sad when it closed.

Tasha B.......... I was assistant sales manager of China & glass and cards in Owen Owen....I also worked for Wedgwood in Owen Owen for a while

Lesley R.... I worked in the cash office for while think it was 86/87

Adele B..... I worked in owen owen on the fragrance counter for 3 years

Ann H...... I had a Saturday job in the shoe department when it was Suters. Must have been 1972

Garry P...... I used love the toy department on the first floor

Tom D..... Used to go and see Father Christmas every year

Allison M...... Used to like the cafe

Maxine S...... I had a Saturday job in Suters in 1975

Maxine S..... I remember queuing up on a sat eve for my wages in a little brown envelope from Mr. Suter

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12th December 2016 - Paul L - Suters was the best shop in Slough, when you was a child. Christmas was the best, as it was decorated on every floor. The escalators took you up to the toy store level and the first thing you saw was the Chemistry sets and cabinets full of test tubes and chemicals.

I remember walking around cabinets of Corgi and Matchbox toys, displayed and deciding what I wanted for Christmas and Birthdays that year.

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In August 2016 Rosanne Goreham from Middlesex made contact with Philip Suter and very kindly sent this from the early 1930's. She mentioned the Hayes, Hillingdon and Uxbridge Past and Present Facebook group and on the 8th September I posted "Somebody told me about this group and pointed me in the direction of a posting about Suters in Uxbridge that was sold back in 1978. There is a website Suters Department Stores and if anyone has more information (memories of) about Suters in Uxbridge would love to hear from them. Thanks"

The following replies came in:

Patricia H Haberdashery in the front of the store and the shoes on the mezzanine at the back, just after the clothing, Toys and Furniture on the top floor I think. I still have my Suters card somewhere, they sold the uniforms for my school (LV) school at the slough branch too.

Debbie W My sister worked there in a boutique!

Karen O'L I loved Suters! I remember the wooden drawers with glass fronts. Also the tubes that sucked up the money. Wonderful department store

Susan R S My Nana worked there, I remember the tubes they put the money in, used to fascinate me as a child

Patricia D Remember the tubes that the money was put in and the lift.

Debbie T My mum used to take me to see Father Christmas there as a treat. I still remember the sledge ride to get to Santa and how wonderful I thought it was.

Michael S Always loved Suters - went passed it every day going to and from work. Was always the place to buy "special" presents. Purchased a Poole Pottery dinner service in mid 70's which is still used daily and now that we live in Poole have found out you can still obtain pieces - a couple of plates cost more than we paid for the full dinner service !!!

Alan P I remember being taken there as a child to be fitted for my shoes. They had a wonderful machine you could look through to see how your foot fitted in the shoe. An X-Ray machine! How times change.

Philip Suter Your feet looked black on a green background - had to be stopped beacause of concerns of over exposure to radiation I recollect.

9th September Christine W Loved Father Christmas and the sleigh ride. Also nearly got crushed to death when Tony Blackburn opened a new boutique there in the late 60s

Olive P I bought the materials for my little bridesmaids & page boys outfits in Suters 1973.

10th September DebbieD P Thought it was Randall's that the sleigh ride was in.

Philip Suter I remember from as a small child a ride every year, could be a boat or sleigh and it was on the second floor at the front of the building. You got off through another doorway to see Father Christmas. Sorry no idea if Randalls also had one as I was only taken to the Suters one

Stephen F My mate worked there in the men's department when he left school in 1971 it was a lovely traditional shop. Are you being served TV programme always reminded us of his time there, as he had to wear a three piece suit and a bowler hat and he was only 16.

Margaret B We used to go to the Café on the top floor. It was a counter with chairs / stools and the staff served from the middle. It was an oval shape. They did very good milkshakes and coffee and danish. D Binnington S Binnington and I still talk about it. Was there a model train that ran round above it?

11th September Terry R Getting the old fellah that operated the lift to let us kids ride up in it after Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon. If he let us, we'd ride up then run down the stairs and try again. Never let us on the second time.

Michael C Santas Christmas grotto on the second floor and the lift with the caged doors and tgr old man that operated it

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In April 2016 a copy of the sale particulars from an auction at The Feathers Hotel, Ledbury on the 25th November 1919 was added to this site here It was also posted on the "Old Ledbury" Facebook page and the following comment received from Andrew Turner who said "I think it would be whatever is in between the bookshop and the bank, perhaps still SEZ which was a cafe and a women's clothing shop? . Both 5 and 6 used to be my grandad's : "J.T. Walters" drapers and furnishings. Just out of interest, the last time I was in the bookshop the flooring was the same as I remember my dad installing 49 years ago"

Then Roger Baker send a message "It seems that George Allison Suter, stood for the local council in 1894"

Image Source Roger Baker of Old Ledbury Facebook Group

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On the 11th December Philip released this Press Release -Suters Ltd Department Stores website

The link was published on the Slough 1970s Facebook group page

Comments received.....

11th December 2015 Tina B Lots of fond memories if going there when I was young.

Karen H I loved going to see father xmas there & toy dept.

Yvonne F B me too

Louise E-N Suters always had some wonderful things... I would go in every Saturday when I went into slough just to have a look, and if I had the money spare to buy something, then it was in here I bought it.... Very sad its not there anymore, like all the good stores they've gone and so is the slough we all once knew.

Martin E Worked there, my 01st job started September 1976 !!!!!

Alan B I also worked there....( toy department) lol...memories.

Janet P I loved this store, and seeing Father Xmas there was great.

Rosalyn G Friends of mine met at a Suters Christmas party in the late 60 s and still going strong

Carrying on the conversation on to the 12th, 13th, 14th December

Tina B Lots of fond memories if going there when I was young

Janet P I loved this store, and seeing Father Xmas there was great.

Angela S Loved the sweet carousel!!!

Yvonne F B they used to have money chutes

Saraan d G My mum used to take me to the cafe and have a treat of Welsh rarebit after school

Christine P I remember the man that operated the lift

Debbie T Lisa H your mum use to work here

Alan R Used to love Santa's Grotto there as a child !

Eileen O I used to work there on a Saturday when I was 17........

Carole P I worked in the toy dept in Suters on a Saturday in 1976/77

Kathy E I still call it Suters!

Philip Suter I still find it amazing so many people remember the place or worked there and have those memories some 37 years later. Wonder if it will be the same in the future remembering their local branch of Debenhams or John Lewis?

Christine P I don't think many would, Suters was such a wonderful unique shop with a lovely Atmosphere

Philip Suter Unfortunately have no photos of it even tried Slough Museum's collection. I remember it was red with white baskets...I think!

Angela S It was! I also loved the ride (on bench seats which moved from side to side in a darkened area) which arrived in santas grotto. Got a toy tiered washing up stand with all utensils, plates etc from Santa. Loved it! Happy memories! Best Santa ever, too! Must have been 1966/67?

Christopher Y I worked on the rebuilding of Suters for HD Bowyers local builders in the 60s

Claire F My biggest memory of Suters is from Christmas the wonderful trees that were put on the front of the building. Were they are huge as I remember, or was it just that I was small back then?!

Philip Suter They were tall in slough imitation tress that used to go back to storage in India Road. They were very long. My photo attached (think I was about 12) In uxbridge there were always real ones on a flat roof at front and rear.

18th December - Bob S My Sister had her first job there, I remember her in her green leather mini skirt and a ghastly orange jumper.

David B I used to work in there distribution centre I enjoyed every minute of it wish it never closed as would still be there now worked with Joe peter Steven mike Walters who was manager and loads of others some who may not be here any more best job I ever had

Christine M Wonderful to have that much personal history available to keep track of one's family. Most impressed Suters.

Philip Suter Still trying to find any scandals though!!

20th December - Eddie O'D My Auntie Francis worked in the toy dept.in the 50'sat Suters.

21st December - Fiona D Wow this pic has brought back some lovely memories

Mary H My sister used to work on the ground floor glass and crockery

Jan N I worked here too and loved it heart emotion xxx

Deena L My Husband had something to do with it when it was Owen Owen, can't remember what now, was it sold to Ward White at some stage ?

Christopher Y I think its a Alders but havent been back to Slough (Sluff) for a while

Carol C I worked in the glove department on Saturdays during the early 60s.

Marguerita O'R My Auntie Francis worked for years on the top floor toy dept

Sue S Oh I loved that toy department, happy days

Marguerita O'R Yes best bit was the cafe was on the same level!

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On the 8th December Philip posted the following on the Slough 1970s Facebook group page

Comments received.....

9th December 2015 Melanie F My Berkertex wedding dress came from there too. used to love going with Mum to the restaurant too! Happy Days!

9th December 2015 Beverley D Bought my wedding dress in Suters

8th December 2015 -Paula M I've still got all my Pippa dolls my Nan bought me from Suters!!!

8th December 2015 - Julie R sister Imelda worked there

8th December 2015 - Sharon W I remember going there as a child and loved watching the money go up the shoot to the office. Then worked there when it became Owen Owen, worked upstairs on the top floor soft furnishings and toys.

8th December 2015 - Dot H Worked in toy dept probably 63/64 toy in pics look very familiar. Remember Lego being launched we all got a pack think those bricks are still doing the rounds of the younger generation in the family even now!

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From Slough 1970s Facebook group - November / December 2015

7th December 2015 - Jay L Worked soft furnishings on Saturdays 67/68. Remember Fiona on SF she married another SF person who had an MG Midget. (1st lesson in difference of having no money) Moira Mullaney from Gerrards Cross on ground floor was my then girl friend. Great days.

PS reply Many thanks, Tom and his wife Doreen are still very much about, but his brother David passed away many years ago. Also now over two years since Richard (Dick) and his wife passed away. I am still trying to persuade my other brother Robert to write something for the Suters site

4th December 2015 - Constance R.Yes you can certainly use the photo on the Suters site. Gerry moved to Norwich some years ago and I halve not heard or seen Harry for quite a while . I always liked the second floor and I remember Richard . Tom Suter was often on the second floor with us and David was around a lot too . We all liked Clarence ! He was a very nice gentleman !!

1976 Picture courtesy of Constance Rainer 1976 when she ran the pancake race for Suters . She was between number 15 and 19 . She almost came last but it was good fun !!

PS reply May I use photo on Suters site please? I too remember Gerry and Harry. Not sure if they are still in contact. I was asked to work in soft furnishings / carpets and never enjoyed it. Really good to hear from you.

3rd December 2015 - Constance R. I worked on the second floor with Gerry Goodchild ,Harry Ponton and Irene Wallace when Mrs Brown was in the cash office . On the net curtains !! Really busy days and no calculators !! We had to add our daily takings up without any of these !! That is why we older folks are brighter than the younger people of today !!

2nd December 2015 - Constance R. Wonderful reading and brings back so many happy memories ! A wonderful family to work for and we were recognised for our hard but enjoyable work . I worked there from 1975 until 1991-2 and remember all those on the photos !! Great !!! Suters used to get packed out on a Saturday afternoon Andy there were queues waiting to get served by helpful staff !! Changed days now !!! I worked in Suters for 17 years !! Happy days !! Debenhams now and hardly any staff on the second floor now !! Never go there much now !! Bad service nowadays and everyone so miserable !! SAD !!

22nd November 2015 - Nicky F The best Santa was always in suters

Christine W - I can remember Christmas time in Sutters when they had a Santa grotto which seemed like you went on a ride in a stage coach or a train carriage and it seemed like you were travelling to get to see Santa in lap land ,when you got off Santa was there and he gave you a present, anyone else remember this.

Ruth M - No pics sadly but memories are never forgotten. I loved Suters it had the best toy department around here.

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From Slough 1970s Facebook group - March 2015

16th March 2015 - Gerry W. worked at Suters ate at Zorba

4th March 2015 - Lindsay M. there was a great toy department in here, Denise B. I loved walking round the store on a Saturday morning


From Slough 1970s Facebook group - February 2015

25 February 2015 - Maggie S. Do you remember suters dept store? My mum worked there in the 70's in menswear she said it was just like are you being served, they even had their own Mr Grace.

25 February 2015 - Carol C. I worked in Suters on Saturdays while I was at Langley Secondary in the early 60s. I worked in the glove department with Violet Peck - I often wonder where she is now.


23 December 2014 RE; William Parker Suter and Jane Mousir - Would you like any further information on William Parker Suter and Jane Mousir who moved to Queensland, Australia during the 1880's, They were my G-G-grandparents. Best regards, Chris Mott Sydney, Australia

PS reply Hello Chris Many thanks for your email. That would really be fantastic. My brother in law Richard Ensor researched the family history back in 2004 / 2005 and this additional information would be most welcome. I presume you found the website by searching for William Parker Suter. The really early section has only been live for a couple of weeks now. Look forward to hearing from you.

26 December 2014 Dear Philip, Please find attached an extract from my family tree spreadsheet which covers the Suters. These extracts only cover "historical" persons, all living persons have been deleted. I've added some dates and other information from your website that I had not found myself. I tend to think that the three daughters of William Parker Suter and Jane Mousir where rather well educated. My mother says that Emily was one of the top music teachers in Queensland in the early 1900's whilst Annie Eliza was qualified as a lawyer and was active in the suffragette movement in Australia during the 1890s. Most descendents of my Great grandmother Agnes Bertha Suter would probably be living in Townsville which is located in north Queensland but there are also a sprinkling in Brisbane, Sydney and the Hunter Valley to the north of Sydney. Wilfred Arthur Suter (Bob) Chaillon on the first sheet was my grandfather.

PS reply Dear Chris Many thanks for taking the time to do this. My grandfather would have been George William Suter (Ledbury draper person who moved to Slough) and my late father was John Dack. So I note you have deleted those alive, but your Grandfather was Wilfred Arthur Suter (Bob) Chaillon so was that a double barrel name or was Suter just included in it? So somewhere along the line I presume the Mott surname appeared?

26 December 2014 "Suter" was my grandfather's third given name. (I was told he didn't like either the Wilfred or the Suter.) He was my mother's father. So Mott comes from the other side of the family. Go to page here

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December 2014 " I have just been reading through your Suters website, which is very interesting. I then stumbled across the Supercar and Stingray photos which were very unexpected. I work with Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry, who made Thunderbirds and all the other great puppets series in the 60's. I was wondering, would you be interested in answering a Q&A or jotting down any more memories of Bob Bell/visits from the art department and the puppet window displays? We would like to do a small article on Suters, as its connected to the history of the studios in the 60's. The article will be published on the official Gerry Anderson website. http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk

We have it on record that Bob & Derek (Meddings) used to shop in Slough at Woolworths for any bits and pieces which in turn could be used for props and various craft. However, there hasn't been anything documented about Suters and we would love to know more. The photos of the window displays are fascinating. Many thanks, James Fielding - More about this here

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From Slough 1970s Facebook group - December 2014

Trisha: if my memory services me right l was working there during that time!! l think l finished there around 66/67 nice job at christmas

James: I remember the Suters paper bags. My mum and sisters used to shop there in the 70's

John: Was a kid and liked the toy department. Also remember the money shoots that rose above the people in the store connected to the tills

This image was also posted by Karen..

Margaret: My children used to spend hours in the toy department, it was a great shop. It is a shame family business seems to have died out. All run by faceless people now.

Margaret: We used to take the children to santa's grotto every year at Suters.

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12th December 2014 - Hi Philip, I've just been reading with great interest, some of your family history on your website. I was particularly interested in the Ledbury part because your ancestors and mine were neighbours. My ancestor was at No. 4, the grocer, Charles Pedlingham .. (the 1951 article that you have included, has him as C.Podlingham.) This is not my photograph, but one that I have blown up from a book about Ledbury, which shows our ancestors side by side..You can just make out the Suter name in the middle of the sign. It was taken at the time of an election in 1910.

Hi Lynne Many thanks for the information and reading my brother in law's article, I will change the name to Charles. I have had this family history for a few years now and really did not read much of it till I started copying to put on the website. My late father left Ledbury when he was around 10 but never lost his love of the town or the accent he spoke with. It was still there 80 years later!

13th December - Could I be really cheeky and ask you to change The "O" in P"o"dlingham to an "E" as it should be Pedlingham. Visit page here

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10th December 2014 - Philip Suter contacted the "Old Ledbury website" about a photo on Suters - The Early Years Part Two and a fire at 5 High Street Ledbury after the business had been sold several years earlier. Link to page Here. The details of the reply from Jo at Old Ledbury are by the photo and additional one supplied however she made the following comment too "I have visited your website and viewed your lovely old photos of Ledbury,The group is fundraising at the moment for a microfilm scanner to eventually get the Ledbury Guardian newspapers digitised. This will of course unlock all the info that we seek for our family trees. A handful of members are busy at the moment transcribing the WW1 Ledbury Guardian Newspapers that were digitised as part of a Lottery Grant to the Herefordshire History part of Hereford Library.

Your relatives are turning up in the transcriptions. If you visit our website and search on SUTER and SUTOR you will find the listings. If I find anything else I think is of interest to you I will of course send it through directly to you. Jo Old Ledbury Facebook Group & Website . Vist the Old Ledbury website Here

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14th October 2014....SUBJECT - Suter family and shops - COMMENTS - Thank you for the interesting website. My father was Rector of Slough, and I was a Saturday girl in Baby Linen at Slough Suters I can't quite work out the generations. I remember Mr Clarence, and I think that there were two sons - Mr Richard and Mr ? Hmm Mr Clarence was reputed to be very stern, and I was once asked anxiously by another member of staff "What did he say to you?" "What were you doing?" and I said "He asked me if my father was better."

PS reply "15th October 2014 Thank you so much for your email. It is fantastic hearing from people who used to work at Suters and I am very pleased you found the website. My cousin Tom and brother in law Richard Ensor put a lot of work into the history. Clarence was my uncle and his two sons were Tom and David, however there were a lot of members of the family involved in the business. Richard (Dick Suter) was there in the early 1960s and then left and was back there again in the 1970s till it was sold in 1978. He passed away in 2013. Thanks again for getting in touch, Kind regards Philip Suter"

15th October 2014....Thank you very much for sorting out the names for me! Yes, of course, the sons were Tom and David. There was, I think, a member of the Miller family (Rev Philip Miller of St Giles in Reading) who married a member of your family? The reason that I remember Mr Richard was that I'm fairly sure that it was he who scolded me at Christmas (probably 1960 to 1962) for making a silly mistake, He wasn't (I think) unkind, but it seared my memory that I was scolded in front of a customer who was a parishioner! One or more of the three was, I think , in charge of another shop, perhaps in Uxbridge. Many thanks for helping me to sort out these memories

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14th August 2014.... "I worked on Saturday's while ending school 1956ish. I was on haberdashery opposite hosiery. Remember Mr Clarence passing round the store hands clasped behind his back and Mr Tom. There was Mrs Jones and a lady called Yvonne who took me under her wing and we went to lunch at the ABC on the Crown corner. My granddaughter is now working for Debenhams Slough - Edith"

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6th August 2014:....."My brother knows that I collect memories of Slough (I come from Langley) but somehow he found a photo of Suters and sent it to me. I then looked on the internet under Suters and there it all was. I knew Tom Suter and his brother David (Uxbridge) but not as well! I was very fond of Clarence! Pat"

PS reply "Hello Pat Pat many thanks for your email. Very interested to know how you found about the Suters Ltd site?

5th August 2014:..... "I worked at the old Slough store from 1956 to 1959 and had a wonderful introduction to the world of working for a living! I remember with affection Miss Hughes, Mr Tom Suter, Mr Clarence, Thelma, Margaret, Brenda and many others from that time. I went from Paper Patterns to Baby/School wear - Pat"

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9th June 2014:......."Thank you for this site, I spent 9 very happy years working for Suters Slough. I think often of the friends I made and have not seen or heard from for many years. I got the best training possible by the best people. I still think of Tom Suter and how he could put the fear of God into me, or Richards office where you couldn't see him for the cigarette smoke. The laughs, the fun and after all this time I am still a retailer still have a passion and for that thank you. Margaret"

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8th June 2014... "I worked at Uxbridge Suters, first as a Saturday job and then full time both in the office. The office manager was Miss Brown. I was on the switchboard and general office duties. Each night I had to put one telephone line through to Mr Arthur's home. One night I forgot and got a stiff note on my desk the next day. I didn't forget again. Mr Arthur was mayor of Uxbridge at one time.

When I was a Saturday girl I work in the Lampson room some of the time. Later my mother joined the company working in the Lampson room. sadly she died whilst she was employed by Suters. Later on I moved to the outskirts of High Wycombe (Hughenden Valley) one of the Mr Suters owned he main farm in the valley. Shirley"

Left - "Lamson" room / Cash office at Uxbridge - Below - General office at Uxbridge - (both photos as in 1978)

More about the Lamson System Here

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14th April 2014..."I found your very interesting site via a post on Facebook that's encouraged some nice reminiscing about the Slough store: I'm 51 now and haven't lived in Slough for a very long time. I do, however, have very fond memories of trips to the town centre with my parents and brother. No shopping expedition was complete without a visit to Suter's.

My brother and I always begged for the same treat as soon as we started walking in the direction of the store - a bag of sweets from the revolving pick and mix machine! Perhaps because it was an occasional treat and all the more precious as a result, I vividly remember the machine very fondly. Collecting a paper bag, watching the tiers of baskets go round, hoping our parents and the staff weren't looking so we could enjoy the experience even more and grab our favourites without pressing the stop button! Simple, happy memories.

There are some lovely photos and articles on your site. I wondered if, by any stroke of luck, you have a photo of this glorious piece of engineering? I'd love to post it to the Facebook page so we could all enjoy seeing it again. My best wishes to you and your family. Kind Regards, Michelle -

PS reply: Thank you so much for contacting me and telling me about your experiences with the revolving sweet machine. I remember it now and when I was at Bourne and Hollingsworth in London they were interested in buying it, but never did. I don't have a picture of the machine, but will circulate your email around to see if anyone else has. If one comes to life I will let you know and in the meantime thanks again for making contact."

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16th April 2014...."I am researching family history and am interested in any additional information you may have on Carrick & Coles"

PS Reply: "Dear Jane Many thanks for your email. I did not reply before as I was waiting to hear back from my brother in law Richard Ensor to see if he could help. He had researched the earlier Suters history which is now on the website. http://www.philipsuter.co.uk/A_family_Business_Suters_Limited_1918_to_1928_2.htm He tells me he has no more additional information. I believe he got some information via Uxbridge library. I found this http://www.lsacalfilms.co.uk/2013/07/29/week-commencing-29th-july/ and http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=074-acc538_2-2&cid=1-1-14-38#1-1-14-38 I am very sorry cannot be of any more help, but hope the project goes well Kind regards Philip Suter"

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From Slough 1970s Facebook group - April 2014

Dot: Fascinating reading worked there in the early 60's, forgoten about Mr Clarence!

Michelle: Thank you for sharing. My Grandad was the manager there - Following further investigation we found out he was Mr Cyril Reed, manager of the Suters in Slough store.

Security Notice in Spotlight Suters House Journal September 1969 by Mr C. S Reed - click on image to open PDF

Debbie: I pushed the button and stopped the escalator in there when I was about 4yrs and got smacked legs to boot.

Gary: My mum worked there for a while.

Julie: Both my parents worked there a good few yrs bac.....Mum selling macs on the 1st floor & Dad in the cafe at the top!

Louise: I loved that pick & mix machine...but when I tell people about it now, they look at me as though I'm mad! Maybe horizonally revolving pick & mix was unique to Suters

Michelle: Louise, thank you for that perfect description! Let's be happy that neither of us are mad - amazing machine!! I think it had about six baskets in each row that as you say, revolved horizontally. I think there was a button to stop it when a variety you liked came round - but we used to find it much more fun to grab the sweets while it was still moving and got away with it only if our parents or one of the staff didn't catch us!

Jacky: I thought the pipes they used to transport the money was brilliant.

Gary: Jacky my mum worked on those tubes. Was facinated as a kid what they were for.

Tony: Outside London the best toy department.

Brian: They had an after shave range in Suter's in the early 1970s - called 9 Flags and each different country had a different aroma - they were all fantastic.

Colette: Used to love wandering around that store. My first recollection of seeing Father Christmas was there I'm sure.

Pam: Loved Suters I think House of Bewley was near there somewhere.

Tricia: Yes Pam it was just a few doors down, loved going there for tea and cakes on a shopping day, l also worked at suters for a little while great shop. sad all these shop are either closing or have gone

Angie:The upscale shop

Graham: one of the very first stores to have an escalator.

Maria: My nan used get my school uniform for St Anthony's from there, summer dresses would last 2 years if she sewed a white band around them hem. Same dress just a bit longer.

Amrit: Used to work in the Beauty salon..loved it.

Jay: Worked on Saturdays in late 60s on habidashery. Got the sack because my hair too long.

Graham: it was built by H D Bowyers where i was an apprentice.

Yvonne: Always met my friends outside Suters on a Saturday. A lovely Department Store.

Sally: My mother worked in Suters in Uxbridge many years ago. It's a sports shop now, I believe

Karen: Thanks for sharing Philip Suter. I think everyone remembers Suters....from the china department in the basement to the toy department on the top floor.....great memories.

Gloria: Just a thought, when Suters, Isaacs, Waitrose & the like left the town, that was the beginning of it's downfall

Christine: My favourite time to visit Suter's in my childhood was in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The whole shop used to look, smell and feel like Christmas. Such excitement for us kids. One of life's treasured memories

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Francis Frith website - Uxbridge 40s 50sand 60s A Memory of Uxbridge

In the fourties, fifties and sixties my mum used to work in Suters in the china department. Someone else remarked about their payment system. I believe it was called a Lampson Service. One put the money and bill in the bullet, stuffed it into the tube,it went to the accounts section and change came rocketing back. Very exciting to someone who was young. In Suters shoe department there was a machine that could show pictures of your feet. I guess it was Xray so totally unusable today for medical reasons. Visit Page Here

Comment by Philip Suter "I too remember these machines both at Uxbridge and Slough. They were called a Fluoroscope or Pedoscope.

As a youngster growing up you would climb onto the Pedoscope machine and could see your feet in green and black inside the shoes. They would have been exposed for only a few seconds. The Uxbridge machine from memory was located on the right hand side of the photo above left. The person having his/her feet measured would be able to see them at the same time as a staff member and parent in the case of a child. As there were concerns about exposure to radiation in the media the use of these x-ray machines for shoe fitting had to be stopped."

Find out more by going to this site Here also What was... a Pedoscope?

Source Slough 1970's Facebook Group 2021



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